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    The Unexpected Visitor
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  • Bit Rate24
  • Sample Rate48 kHz

Here's my latest single called The Unexpected Visitor from my album called Somebody.

This song was a direct result of me trying to be a bass player. A great friend of mine sent me a bass to use for this recording and this was one of the first songs that I came up with. I heard a song on the radio ( I don't listen to the radio that much anymore) and I heard this slamming drum beat and said to myself, I got to do something like this. The song was time the avenger by the pretenders... Great groove.

Solo notes:

I was trying to come up with a solo that wasn't so predictable and up to this point, it was not fun. One of my rules while recording these songs was if it's not fun then stop. I stopped and just let things unwind when suddenly the Unexpected Visitor showed up! Can you guess who it was?.... His spirit just hit me like a ton of bricks, I can hear his voice in my head saying Hey! give me a try. I grabbed his guitar (Well, not his exact guitar, but a signature one that goes by the name Frankie) and it was like he took over. One take solo that happened a few times along this recording. See if you can find them. I sat back and listened to it and was totally taken by what was put down. I don't think I can replicate the solo even though I did it.

Oh boy, John's lost it. Hahaha...Enjoy.

Guitars Used on this track:

Fender AP-II H/S/S

EVH-Frankie for the leads (Unexpected Visitor)

John Price