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    Light Speed (Steven Volpp Remix)
  • FormatAIF
  • Bit Rate16
  • Sample Rate48 kHz

Steven Volpp wanted to do something special with one of my songs and the song he picked was Light Speed from the record Somebody. Not only did he create a remix but Steven also provided the thunderous drums throughout the track. I'm honored that Steven took the time and interest to do such an incredible job in making this awesome version.

I'll see if I can get Steven's input listed here, but for now, close your eyes, open your mind and enjoy!

John Price

Steven Volpp - Drums and Remix

Steven V.

This is my favorite recording of the drums…..so far
Reward Music gave me the opportunity and the privilege to get to know John, who did the drum programming himself for his latest release “Somebody."   John allowed me to replace the drums on his song Light Speed.

This is the result.

The drums are my clear violet kit which was purchased from Instrumental Music Store in Ludington Michigan in 2004.Toms: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 22” bass, 14” snare.Heads: Toms - Remo clear ambassadors top-bottom tuned the same. Kick - Aquarian Super Kick 1. Snare - Remo coated ambassador.Mics: Overheads and all toms - Blue Spark (original red version)Kick - AKG D112 outside - Electro-Voice RE-20 inside (phase aligned in post)Snare - Shure beta 57 top - Shure SM81 bottomHi Hat - Shure SM81

If you like this song, please “Reward Music” and reward John by purchasing his track. We all know how much time, effort and money it takes to produce music. If we all agree that music has value, then John deserves at least the measly $1.25 he is asking for.

John P.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time and doing this for me.

What an awesome job!

Thanks again,

John Price