1. 1
    Up From Beneath
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    Patience is the key here. This song lets your imagination run wild through this musical journey. The ending section is well worth it.

    Written arranged and performed by John Price.

  2. 2
    Mission Impossible
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    Strange tune for sure but I think you get the idea of where I was coming from.

    Written, arranged and performed by John Price.

  3. 3
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    This is inline with Mission Impossible and recorded around the same time. It's got a few little twists going on. Another fun song to make.

    John Price

  4. 4
    Head Rush
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    Put on your seatbelt! Crushing with the rhythm and then hit with the crazy solo at the end.

    Written, arranged and performed by John Price.

  5. 5
    Jp Society
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    Let the heavy come out! This was a song I was writing for the next machine session in hopes to get Sammy Shmoulik Avigal to sing on.

    This was played with the Les Paul.

    John Price

  6. 6
    My Love
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    This is a nice silky smooth ease back and relax kind of song. I think I did this one with a Les Paul.

    John Price

  7. 7
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    Another song geared for vocals that just never happened....

    John Price.

    My good friend Nolan Ayres on Bass.

  8. 8
    Up With Angels
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    This song just came about when I got my first 7 string guitar. I let it take me wherever it wanted and this was what came out. The guitar was a Samick 7 string.

  9. 9
    Take That!
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    I must have been in a crazy mood for this crushing song. I'm not much of a sweep picking player but when the moments happening you take advantage of it.... This was fun to record.

    John Price

  10. 10
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    After this song was done I realized it reminded me of Steve Morse. I must have been doing some heavy listening that day. Go check out Steve Morse.... He's a monster player.

    John Price

  11. 11
    Feeling Out Loud
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    I like making this kind of music, it's just relaxing. When my Uncle Joe passed away I remember being in the moment and thinking of him while I was recording this. Thinking Out Loud.

    John price

I have a thing for listening to music demo material, there's just something about the original creation process that I enjoy experiencing and then getting to hear the final product. Here are some demo song's that I've created over the years, mistakes and all. Raw as you can get and recorded over the years on many different platforms at home. Hopefully I will turn some off these idea's into full blown songs for you and we can both hear the final destiny.