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Hey Polyester when you gonna stop lying to me

You stand there naked, all alone you will be

Those little white lies someday will catch up to you

Sweet Polyester your living far from the truth

You have no honor or dignity

your words are getting harder to believe

your living a life of lies and deceit

Polyester your reputation is all over town

Can’t seem to shake it when your a snake on the ground

You don’t even realize the damage you do

I think Polyester someday it will fall on you

Hey Polyester you can’t lie to me

I can see right through your fallacy 

You lead me on with your lies and made me believe

Someday truth will conquer, just wait and see

Games you play they’re all so old

But you can’t stop because your soul is sold

Hurting people around you every day

Polyester for that hurt you will pay


Polyester, we know what you do

Those little lies will catch up to you

Your just a snake in the grass

A man’s word is all he’s got

Hey Polyester

John Price all instruments.

JNPMusic Production.