Finger patterns on the guitar.

Finger patterns on the guitar.

Here's a chart that show's the 3 major scale finger patterns I visualize on the guitar as I'm playing.

The first pattern is Whole step/Whole step or W/W

The second pattern is Half step Whole step or H/W

The Third Pattern is Whole step Half step or W/H

I use these three patterns throughout my playing. When you get a grip on them you can really take your playing to new territory. What's nice about these patterns is that they follow each other all over the fretboard and can guide you through so many scales.

Video lesson coming soon.


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Chris P.

Please do.  Thanks John

Chris P.

I am sooo stuck in the pentatonic scale (not that its a bad thing).  Ive dabbled in the major scale but thats as far as I got.  Now that you broke it into a simpler 3 note per string I am going to revisit, invest some time and it should take me up a level in playing.  Thanks

John P.

Hi Chris,

I'm working on a video that will explain this in full detail.

I'll keep you posted.