Edward Van Halen

Edward Van Halen

This is a tough time for me to discuss Eddie, but I feel like I have to mention a few things. He was my mentor growing up as a young guitar player. He entered my world at that right moment like when you're at that age looking for something to guide you on your path. Dance the night away was the song that just inspired my mind. I remember purchasing the 45 (for those of you who don't know what a 45 is, it's a single record) and listening to that song thinking that the middle section was a harp or something like that, but the song was so strong in sound and energy I just had to find out more.  The music was so fresh and new to me I just had to run out and buy the full record. I was so hooked on everything Eddie did. From his attitude and his smile. Every time you found a picture of Eddie he was always smiling and I believed he just loved what he was doing. That came through in his music and set the groundwork for what I wanted to do. I remember getting VH II and thinking, well there has to be a VH I to go along with this, so I got that as well. I would anxiously wait for new VH music to come out thinking what's he going to do this time. My first real rock concert was VH on the women and children tour....I was so pumped from seeing them live and I was able to see them every year after that....I did miss the 5150 tour and had tickets to see them for the monsters of rock show which was for OU812, but that got canceled on my way to the show.... Bummer.... I finally picked it back up on the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge tour all the way through. Yes, including VH III with Gary Cherone and even the reunion with Sammy....

 So much VH to talk about and this is just a start. Eddie is the King in my book, he made such a huge impact on the guitar world in more ways than just his playing that will last forever.


Thank you Edward Van Halen for visiting, your spirit runs throughout my music.

John Price

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