Working on a new record!

Working on a new record!

 So, if you've been following my blog called "Working On A New Record" you would know by now that Hey, I'm working on a new record. I'll post the same description here for you.

I started working on a new record over the last few weeks and at this point, I have almost 5 songs complete. The vibe seems to be a little harder than my last one and I'm enjoying the process. So far the gear is similar, I'm using the Soldano and Soldano plug-in for amps. The guitars have been the Les Paul and a super strat with humbucker (that I just had to sell). Right now it looks like the Les Paul will be taking over the guitar details and it's influencing that harder vibe. TIKI Man has taken over on drums and just killing it, his kit sounds huge. I think that will be the biggest improvement overall. The bass parts have been challenging, but I'm still pushing to get it right. I've already come up with a title but will hold off until everything is finished before deciding on all that stuff.

I have no prediction on when it will be completed since I have no control over the inspiration from TIKI Man. I'm hoping things keep flowing and I could have it ready by the end of the year.

Keep checking back for updates, maybe I can post some samples as I go. 

Recent update: 7/01/22

Well, here we go! The first 6 tunes are ready for testing. I like to take the CD around to different players and listen to the songs to hear how the overall mix sounds, then I make adjustments if needed.

Off I go!

John P.

Blog update 7/16/22

Get over there!