Working on a new record! (Finished!)

Working on a new record! (Finished!)

New Record is in the works! 

So, if you've been following my blog "Working On A New Record" you would know by now that I'm working on a new record. I'll post the same description here for you.

I started working on a new record over the last few weeks and at this point, I have almost 5 songs complete. The vibe seems to be a little harder than my last one and I'm enjoying the process. So far the gear is similar, I'm using the Soldano and Soldano plug-in for amps. The guitars have been the Les Paul, my Tom Anderson, and a few others. The Les Paul is influencing that harder vibe while the Anderson keeps up my traditional side. TIKI Man has taken over on drums and he's just killing it, his kit sounds huge. I think the drums will be the biggest improvement overall. The bass parts have been challenging, but I'm still pushing to get it right. I've already come up with a title and some artwork but will hold off until everything is finished before deciding on all that stuff.

I have no prediction on when it will be completed since I have no control over the inspiration from TIKI Man. I hope things keep flowing and I can have it ready for 2023.

Keep checking back for updates, maybe I can post some samples as I go. 

1/4/23 update:

12-31 update:

Well, Song 10 is complete. Hurray!!!! The final song for my next record is finally done. Now I move on to artwork and all that fun stuff. It's finished, I love how these songs turned out and can't wait to share them with you.

Stay tuned.

12-3 update:

Well, Song #9 just came on like a storm and it's all finished. One more track to find and this record will be ready to go! I'm hoping inspiration sticks around because I really can't wait for you to hear these songs.

11-22 update:

I just finished track 8 and things sound great if I say do so myself. This track goes to the Anderson and really came through. I'm also spending some time remixing a few of the earlier tunes and trying some new drum sounds that I just recently acquired. Now I'm waiting for track 9 inspiration to kick back in.

Talk to you soon.

First 8 S.E.T.

Recent update: 7/01/22

Well, here we go! The first 6 tunes are ready for testing. I like to take the CD around to different players and listen to the songs to hear how the overall mix sounds, then I make adjustments if needed.

Off I go!

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John P.

You pick it! Go ahead and pick what song you would like me to release first from my new record Somebody's Evil Twin. The song with the most suggestions will be the winner.

John P.

Come on inspiration! Let's get this done already.

John P.

Song 8 is finishing up! This one took some time for inspiration to kick in but Hey, I'll take it when it comes my way. Doing some mixing.

John P.

Song 7 is finished and waiting for song 8 to arrive.

While I'm waiting how about you check out my latest single called Over Mountains? It's from my album called Somebody and both are available in my music/store section.


John P.

Blog update 7/16/22

Get over there!